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Congresswoman Defends Terrorist Supporter’s Right to Free Speech Over Your Child’s Right to Safety

I want to provide an update on this whole Israel Kalman situation and the ongoing difficulties involved in getting this bully supporter out of our communities and away from those charged with protecting and having a great influence upon our children.  If you’ve arrived here without reading the main article, please have a gander before reading this update or it will not make much sense.

The abridged version is this, on 9 February, 2012 my wife, an actual doctor and certified, licensed psychologist here in NY showed me an article in Psychology Today written by Mr. Israel Kalman.  Mr. Kalman is not a doctor of anything but has somehow secured support and promotion for his probully philosophy from Cross Country Education and apparently travels this great Country of ours teaching people to literally embrace bullies.

Can’t be true, was my immediate thought not in these enlightened days of, “It Gets Better,” STOMP Out Bullying, and the myriad other grass roots, star power driven, adults youth and children dedicated to protecting our children from being terrorized and tortured by bullies. Unfortunately it was all true and what’s worse no one and I mean no one seemed to be on this terrorist supporters butt.

I suppose Kalman touched a couple primal points closer to the reptilian portion of brain than anything more developed or civilized so I decided enough was enough and while I can’t stop every bully all the time, I can sure as hell be the one on Kalman’s butt.

I began by writing a comment in response to Kalman’s article.  Psychology Today for some reason refuses to publish the comment however you can read it here as the main article for this post.  I also found and wrote the CEO, business leaders, and all the editors from PT asking they remove the Kalman article or at the very least allow some genuine research from actual doctors to stand as a counterpoint to Kalman’s “support a bully” campaign.  And they promptly ignored me and did nothing and still nine days later have not managed to publish either my or anyone else’s counterpoints to Kalman’s crazy article.

I published the original article and began publicizing it online through various social media networks and paid particular attention to reaching out to my elected representatives for help. I’ve also pitched the story to several national news outlets and maintain hope this will “catch” a news cycle and shine some light on the dangers our children face every day.

I was contacted today by Assemblyman Robert Castelli’s office that is currently looking into my claims about Mr. Kalman and the damage he does to our children through his support of the terror and torture of children suffer when bullied.

My experience at the Federal level however worries me that Assemblyman Castelli may not be able or willing to help shine a light on the danger Kalman represents to our children.  I remain extremely hopeful Assemblyman Castelli will help us spread the word that bullies and those who support them are not welcome in our communities.

Why?  Simple, I’ve spoken with him in the past and he is one of the good-guys, and has the record of uniformed service in both combat and law enforcement to our country to prove it.  If anyone understands it will be Assemblyman Castelli

On the other hand, it is difficult to find the words that adequately convey my disappointment with Congresswoman Nita Lowey and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who are unfortunately my two federally elected representatives, both from the Democratic Party.  Senator Gillibrand has done an absolutely wonderful job of completely ignoring my pleas for help.

Meanwhile Congresswoman Lowey’s PR machine is busy crafting an explanation as to how the Congresswoman’s support for a supporter of terrorism and torture is not actually support of either terrorism or torture. I’m a professional flack (PR Guy) and even I have a hard time swallowing that line of crap.

I spoke by phone this afternoon with a representative from Congresswoman Lowey’s office who agreed to “look into” the Kalman matter. A few hours later yet another representative phoned me to say that Kalman’s support for bullying, the terrorism, torture and suicides of our children that follow are really First Amendment, free speech issues.

Now in the interest of perspective through transparency and disclosure, Congresswoman Lowey is the 21st richest member of Congress according to a recent Washington Post article putting her net worth at more than $41,000,000.  That’s not bad considering there are 435 members of the House and another 100 Senators.  Just for a second imagine how much you do to stop bullying with $41,000,000?

However, in all fairness to the Congresswoman it is my understanding that much of that wealth was and continues to be made by her husband, through savvy investments like the fund co-founded by Rajat Gupta, a former Goldman Sachs board member facing criminal insider-trading charges, according to recent Forbes and Wall Street Journal articles.

It is puzzling given the Congresswoman’s support for Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act, also known as the Stock Act, a bill designed to prevent members of Congress from profiting based on insider information they may obtain from the sacred and trusted positions we the people elect them to serve. Perhaps for Congresswoman Lowey, $41 Million dollars is enough.

Questionable judgment in investment partners aside I’m presuming the MEGA-RICH like Lowey, don’t spend much time worrying about the poor, wretched and huddled masses being terrorized and tortured by the bullying Kalman supports and  Lowey advocates for his right to continue.

I have no way of knowing but I suspect Congresswoman Lowey, unlike children being bullied, Assemblyman Castelli and myself, has no real idea what it feels like to live in real mortal fear where injury and death are very real and immediate possibilities. I suppose $41 Million buys a lot of protection and security in addition to whatever amount we, as taxpayers, kick in to protect the Congresswoman.

I was strongly cautioned by her damage controlling Congressional aid during our conversation this evening that I must NOT in anyway imply nor insinuate Congresswoman Lowey supports bullying through her support of Kalman’s right to support bullies. Presumably the First Amendment does not extend to those questioning the Congresswoman.

How can I put this; I’ve been shot, stabbed and even blown up once while wearing a uniform and twice found out international bad guys had actually put a bounty on my head.  So I recognize a threat when I encounter one no matter how politely veiled it rolls off a Congressional aid’s tongue.  

At any rate now some six hours later I still await the Congresswoman’s promised better thought out and well crafted written response explaining how supporting a terrorist supporter isn’t really supporting terrorism but rather championing free speech.

The farcical response from the aid would almost be funny for its absurdity if we weren’t talking about saving the lives of children and preventing the terror and torture leading our kids to take their own lives. 

Congresswoman Lowey’s aid actually attempted to clarify the Congresswoman’s position by offering as example why the KKK should have the right to carry out operations against Jewish Americans.

Unfortunately for Congresswoman Lowey’s aid, a self-proclaimed EXPERT on free speech I was forced to remind her the KKK was declared an illegal terrorist organization by the Civil Rights Act of 1871 and duly signed into law by President Grant, Ulysses S.

Of course it’s only been 141 years and the Act is listed on the same Government servers as the Congresswoman’s email as the KKK Act, so it is easy to see how self-professed expert who CHOOSE this as her example would know absolutely nothing about either the KKK or the difference between terrorism and free speech. 

Even through I’m now a professional communicator it really is a pleasure to witness Congresswoman Lowey’s very own bully machine at work. And make no mistake I see the irony here, as it was exactly that Congressional pulpit of power I was looking to harness to fight terrorism and torture against our kids.

More updates as they occur.  To my very own elected officials and in particular Congresswoman Lowey,  I’ve been shot, stabbed, beaten, blown-up and left for dead, I’ve gone hand-fin with a Bull shark and I’m still here. 

I am not afraid of you or whatever forces you bring to bear in suppressing my First Amendment rights – I will take my cue from those children who have more courage, honor and decency than you can possibly fathom. And know this:
I will always place the mission first.
I will never accept defeat.
I will never quit.
I will never leave a fallen comrade

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